About Us

SOWEGA RISING COALITION is a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Southwest Georgia, comprised of member citizens and organizations which support the organization’s mission.

Our goal is to facilitate Southwest Georgia’s rise from the bottom of the state to the top of the list of quality of life metrics by empowering individuals and revitalizing communities through rural revitalization, community organizing, education, coalition-building and advocacy in the areas of human and civil rights and social justice, and by increasing citizen engagement in the democratic processes of our state.

Our Mission

We mobilize people and resources to improve the well-being, quality of life and political power of marginalized Southwest Georgians.

Our Vision

We will empower the citizens of SOWEGA to shape the future of our state so that every Southwest Georgian has equal opportunity to reach their fullest potential and achieve the highest possible quality of life and well-being.

Our Goals

  • To create a platform for organizations and leaders in SOWEGA to organize on local issues more effectively.


  • To build a political home for people in SOWEGA who want to see their communities change for the better.


  • To create a pipeline of young organizers from SOWEGA who feel empowered to make change.

Our Programs

  • High School Youth Organizing Institute – A curriculum administered in local public school systems or after school as a program that educates and mobilizes young students in SOWEGA.


  • Albany State University Youth Organizing Institute – A version of the curriculum for ASU students to foster a deeper sense of community between the university and rest of Albany.


  • Organizing Trainings – We will run trainings for organizations and leaders on basic community organizing theories, skills (story-telling, one on one’s), leadership development, racial justice, strategy, and tactics.

We seek to make our communities better, more just, and more peaceful.

Board of Directors

Sherrell Byrd

Co-Founder and Co-Chair

Dedrick Thomas

Co-Founder and Board Member Emeritus

Corey Morgan

Board Member

Maggie Boxey

Board Member


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